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Welcome to the Mapzy Docs. If you've landed here, you probably already know what Mapzy is. If that's the case and you already have a Mapzy account, learn how to add a location to your map.

Mapzy is a store locator. Our goal is to make it easy for people who want to add stores (or other types of locations) to a map and display that map on their own website. A good example is a clothing brand showing a map of stores where their clothes can be bought. Our goal is to make Mapzy simple and not clutter it with features that only 1% of our customers ever use.

Mapzy focuses on privacy. While we don't collect any information from your visitors, our mapping provider, Mapbox, does. It's not as bad as it sounds, though. For example, they collect IP addresses, but delete them after 30 days. You can read more on the Mapbox privacy policy (section 1.5 is the part that applies to Mapzy). If you want to learn more about how we deal with privacy, have a look at the Mapzy privacy policy. Under the constraint that we can't build our own mapping service (yet?), we try to make Mapzy as privacy-friendly as possible.

Mapzy's source code is fully open-source and available on GitHub. The managed version of Mapzy is hosted in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany, which is powered by 100% renewable energy. If you'd like, you can also host it yourself for free with the same features and without any restrictions. If you're a developer, you're very welcome to contribute Mapzy, too.

We charge a subscription fee for the hosted version of Mapzy. Our pricing starts at $9/month. You can learn more on our pricing page.